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Like many other industries dependent on touch and interaction, manufacturing and industrial distribution look a little different during the pandemic.

A renewed focus on safety will require you to rethink your manufacturing processes in order to eliminate exposure points, while ensuring PPE and other critical supplies are easily accessible for employees. In today’s age, inventory management must not only be smart – but also safe.

CribMaster is committed to being a partner and resource as you learn new ways to work. Simple adjustments to your existing distribution process can turn what was once a high-touch experience, virtually touchless. As one of your most comprehensive and complete sources for inventory data, CribMaster can also be utilized to track and document compliance with safety procedures. These capabilities can help you understand where risks in the supply chain are, as well as proactively identify and address safety gaps that may pose a risk to your workforce.

A thoughtful and strategic pandemic response strategy doesn’t have to require brand new equipment or expensive consultants. Here are some of the creative ways you can adopt a safer workplace with CribMaster solutions today:

PPE Station

Create PPE Stations

Set up PPE stations at entry points or high-traffic areas using just a POU. This solution eliminates the need to repackage supplies to vend from a traditional machine, and can drastically cut down on wait times to receive PPE. Simply open boxes of PPE and have an attendant scan each items PPE Barcode before letting an employee take their approved items. PPE stations can also be set up outside of your tool crib to control traffic flow in and out. 

Software Enhancements to Remove Micro-Touchpoints

The latest release of CM 11 includes many features designed to distribute PPE very quickly and safely, including Fast Vend, which automatically vends assigned PPE after a simple scan of an employee badge. No need to select items in ATR or use a separate PPE Barcode – just one scan is all you need.

Max Control
Touchless ToolBox ProStock

Turn ToolBoxes and ProStocks Virtually Touchless

Outfit your existing ToolBox and ProStock machines with a Fixed Barcode Reader to eliminate multiple people touching the Tekvision. You can also create personal PPE Kit Barcodes to automatically issue a PPE kit approved for each employee, instead of selecting individual items to vend via the onboard Tekvision.

Utilize Your Database for Contact Tracing

Download and run contact tracing reports in CribMaster to identify contaminated equipment, and employees at risk for exposure, in the event a colleague tests positive for COVID-19. Visit our Resource Site to access the custom report, how-to guide, and walkthrough video.

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