CM Lock™

Connected Smart Locks + Access Control + Inventory Management

CM Lock is the next smart storage solution from CribMaster, combining connected smart padlocks with built-in barcode scanners to automate access control and inventory replenishment. Your locks seamlessly connect to CribMaster’s powerful web-based software, “unlock” instant supply chain visibility, digital access control, and know exactly who accesses your inventory. Connected to CribMaster, these smart locks provide instant accountability over your inventory and can streamline inventory replenishment notifications with the easy to use integrated barcode scanner Whether assets are in transit or at a permanent location, the built-in barcode scanners in CM Lock can:

Scan to Open Scan to Reorder Scan to Issue Scan to Return

All in near real-time - preventing stockouts and keeping your operations at maximum productivity. CM Lock is the ideal solution for managing point-of-use inventory cabinets, securing and tracking hazardous material cabinets, storing sensitive documents, high-value equipment—and securing critical inventory for when it’s needed most.

  • Manage: Scan and manage inventory items
  • Keyless: Built-in scanners read existing barcodes on employee badges
  • Rugged: Rated IP-65+ and operable between 5˚F and 140˚F (-15°C and 60°C)
  • Durable: Extended battery life keeps CM Lock fully charged (1 year+)
  • Connected: Configurable for Wi-Fi or cellular
  • On record: Audit logs detail when, where and how each device is used
  • Simple: Versatile low-tech solution that works on most storage containers
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