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Clinical Inventory and PPE Management in Healthcare

Automated Supply Management is used in the healthcare industry to manage inventory from the warehouse to supply closets and all the way to the care unit.  The best inventory management platforms deliver a single solution for everyone that makes patient care possible, from clinicians to Supply Chain personnel and even Facilities Maintenance teams.

As leaders in inventory management since 1992, CribMaster can help your facility improve operations and access to supplies through our scalable cloud-based platform that manages the availability of MRO and clinical supplies across your entire facility.

CribMaster can help your team with:

Healthcare - 24/7 Monitoring

24/7 Controlled Access & Availability of Supplies

Just like hospital staff, our automated supply dispensaries are working around the clock. With a simple swipe of an employee badge, clinicians can access supplies and their pre-approved and properly fitted PPE 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And, since space is precious, our supply dispensers can sit on the counter, be mounted on walls or added to your existing supply closets to stay out of the way.

Secure & Simple Automation

Adding automation and technology to your process doesn’t have to be complicated. With our FlexSense™ weight-sensing supply bins, you can simply identify items you want monitored from your supply closet. Then, add information around weight and desired quantity in your CribMaster software, and place items in your weight-sensing bins. Employees will simply badge into the supply room, take their items and go. CribMaster will calculate the weight in the bins to provide real-time information on inventory levels and can proactively reorder items before stockouts, reducing errors and manual labor at the same time. It’s automation, without the headache.

Healthcare - FlexSense Bins
Healthcare - Levels

Budgeting & Saving on Supplies

CribMaster records every time supplies are used, so Procurement teams have clear visibility into what needs replenishment and what has plenty of stock left. This enterprise-wide, cloud-based data is available in real-time and can be viewed in dozens of report templates so the Operations and Supply Chain teams can clearly see how to budget for supplies, helping them make informed decisions about inventory usage and save as much as possible for other things.

Automating Supply Re-Orders

Set customized replenishment rules for CribMaster to automatically re-order supplies when they start to run out. With your custom rules, CribMaster can re-order supplies from the vendor of your choice at any time or be set to integrate notifications directly into your existing Purchasing software. Set Purchasing triggers for high-volume supplies like gauze, bandages, IV bags, and virtually anything else you need. CribMaster will work silently in the background, ensuring you never run out of inventory and allowing your team to focus on other tasks.

Healthcare - Medical Supplies

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Healthcare - ProStock

Managing Operations & MRO Supplies

Facilities Maintenance staff are put to task everyday to keep a medical facility up and running smoothly. Yet, warehouses and supply rooms can often be in the basement or off-site, making it impractical and time-consuming to respond to requests. CribMaster can bring commonly-used parts and equipment closer to the point-of-care so it’s easier and more convenient for Facilities Maintenance to respond to requests in a timely manner.

Who Benefits From CribMaster?

Clinical Staff

Doctors, nurses, technicians, pharmacists and anyone else that interacts with patients will have 24/7/365 access to properly-fitted PPE, helping them be safer and more confident when working directly with patients.

Healthcare - Clinical Staff

Supply Chain and Procurement

Purchasing and procurement personnel will be able to build a supply chain plan based on real usage data, meaning they can allot the proper budget to the most needed items and ensure that supply is always available of your critical items.

Healthcare - Supply Chain

Facilities Maintenance

CribMaster is flexible and scalable enough to manage thousands of types of inventory, including MRO supplies, helping you respond to requests faster. Our enterprise-wide supply management can help you set up secure inventory storage at the point-of-work with visibility into stock levels, so that your team always has what they need on hand.

Healthcare - Maintenance

      See How CribMaster Can Help Facilities Maintenance Improve Efficiency

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Partner with the Inventory Management Leaders Since 1992

Healthcare - Implementation

Full-Service Implementation

Our Professional Services team is happy to install and implement CribMaster in your facility, all the way from database configuration to setting up your supply rooms with the proper hardware. We’ll take care of getting the technology right and partner with you along the way.

Healthcare - Data Security

Secure Hosting in Our World-Class Data Centers

Let us take care of data hosting in our ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001 certified data center that offers greater than three-nines (99.9%) availability. We’re also Soc 2 Type 2 Compliant, meaning we are fully equipped to store and transmit your data as securely as possible.

Healthcare - Tech Support

Highly-Trained Tech Support

In case you ever need help, our live and highly-knowledgeable Tech Support technicians are available by phone or email to support you. We are committed to fast response times, same-day support and our ability to diagnose and resolve your issues quickly to keep you up and running.

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