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A Secure Satellite Storeroom that Brings Inventory to the Work Site

Go where the work is! CribMaster's CribX™ Vend allows you to maintain inventory while working on large or remote work sites. CribX containers can be fully outfitted with CribMaster hardware & software that provides 24/7 inventory tracking, automated replenishment notifications, and real-time budget monitoring & usage tracking. CribX consolidates all inventory right at the work site, helping increase productivity by eliminating non-productive time spent traveling to faraway tool cribs or storerooms. These units are designed to bring mobile inventory management to remote job sites in Construction, Power Gen, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, and Mining locations.

  • CribX consolidates all inventory right at the work site, keeping productivity & efficiency at an all-time high
  • Helps prevent inventory stockout through real-time inventory tracking & auto-replenishment. 
  • Helps reduce equipment & asset shrinkage with 24/7 tracking provided by the CribMaster software
  • CribX is highly secure, with an access-controlled container and ATR-controlled individual machines
  • The container is temperature-regulated, and features insulation & weather seal, protecting every asset and machine
  • 20' container can be fully outfitted with your custom mix of CribMaster solutions, including traditional vending, scale-based or RFID machines

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