FlipTop open bin
FlipTop open drawer
FlipTop bin

The Simplest Way to Keep High-Value Tools Secure and Accessible.

Keep your cutting tools, welding supplies, drill bits and other valuables secure in FlipTop™, a drawer-based solution which uses a grid system to manage a variety of expensive or sensitive assets. FlipTop offers security down to the item level, and allows managers to restrict access to specific items.

  • High security at the drawer and bin level
  • High capacity with up to 1,782 bins
  • AutoLock™ feature automatically re-locks bins when the drawer closes
  • Includes UPS (Uninterruptable Power Source) to allow unit to continue operating for a short period of time in the event of a power outage
  • Available in three sizes to accommodate different capacity needs and size requirements
  • Available in main and auxiliary units

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