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Manufacturers know that when it comes to meeting aggressive production schedules, having the right materials in the right place at the right time is critical. Yet, far too many companies use outdated methods like pen and paper or rely on the memories of storeroom personnel to keep their inventory organized and available. Others try to make their ERP system into an inventory management tool, often making-do with overly complex systems that don't do exactly what you need. That’s where CribMaster comes into play. Our software is designed to simplify and automate inventory management process for storerooms, tool cribs or warehouses - totally scalable and moldable for you, and what your attendants need to be efficient and ready to support production.

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Industrial Vending

Our inventory management solutions are completely scalable and customizable for what you need. Our industry leading approach of software, hardware and services delivers a three-pronged approach to help you develop, build and grow your inventory management program. Whether you're a distributor looking to provide a value added service to your customers through a vendor managed inventory (VMI) program, or a manufacturer looking to improve your operational efficiency, our team of experts is here to help. 

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Barcode Scanning Solutions for

Staffed Tool Cribs & Storerooms

Introducing technology into your staffed tool crib or storeroom can help increase efficiency, reduce wait times for inventory and improve organization in the storeroom. Our POU computer kiosk and barcode scanners with CM Mobile NG, our on-the-go mobile app that ties activity in your storeroom into your CribMaster database, are easy to adopt and a low cost way to introduce tech into your storeroom. Much like scanners in retail environments, our scanners and CM Mobile NG interface are intuitive and easy to use for a storeroom clerk who's constantly on the move. With one scan, you'll get detailed data about inventory levels and usage trends, keeping your tool crib, storeroom or warehouse fully stocked and at peak efficiency.

Monitor Inventory Usage with

Automated Inventory Tracking

Utilize our AccuPort RFID portal, RFID readers, and tags to track the movement of inventory in and out of the storeroom and throughout the facility. Self-service storerooms can be managed and monitored remotely through your CribMaster software, freeing up storeroom personnel to tackle other projects and allowing workers to take inventory they need without waiting in line to be serviced. Facilities with strict compliance regulations, like aerospace and defense contractors, will also benefit from better traceability of inventory throughout the facility, helping Operations identify where inventory is at all times and, if needed, quickly find where a tool was misplaced. Ready to learn more? CribMaster's team of Specialists will work with you to develop and install your solution for optimal performance. 

Automated Toolroom

CribMaster RFID products

Through thousands of scans on dozens of cabinets, CribMaster has found that tags with a mean RSSI greater than -65 dBm have proven to be detectable even when tool spacing, or orientation are not exactly the same each time a tool is placed in the cabinet. This is the benchmark for configuring CribMaster RFID products.

Conventional fixed RFID readers struggle to read >80-90% of the tags in the vast majority of applications because of RFID dead spots.

CribMaster’s RFID upgrade kit for AccuCabs and AccuDrawers use award winning technology and advanced signal processing algorithms from PervasID. These ultra-high frequency (UHF) passive RFID readers dynamically turn dead spots into hot spots, resulting in 99%+ accurate tag detection in real time.


Service & Support

CribMaster is dedicated to making sure your inventory management program is a success. We have a dedicated team of Customer Experience experts ready to help you with anything you need — from hosting your data, to installing and implementing your software and hardware, to integrating your existing ERP system into your CribMaster workflow. If any issues ever arise, our world-class Technical Support team is always available and ready to help. Our business is about making your business easier.

Technical Support

Beyond the Storeroom

In addition to an organized and efficient storeroom, CribMaster can help bring mission critical items like PPE, fasteners, and consumable supplies onto the production floor to keep production running smoothly. Our point-of-use inventory vending brings these critical and consumable supplies right on the floor, so that workers can get what they need right away. Your production team will love the convenience, and management will be happy with the productivity and efficiency gains from eliminating unnecessary down-time. 

CribMaster Can Help With:

  • Automating asset tracking
  • Locating inventory through real-time location data
  • Complete tool & asset life cycle management 
  • Automatically re-ordering critical items from preferred distributors when inventory runs low
  • Managing reworkable, reground & repairable tool management
  • Assembling, distributing & replenishing kit assemblies, distribution & replenishment 
  • Tracking vendor owned and managed inventory
  • Managing & tracking integrated Maintenance & Work Orders Module (CMMS)
  • Storing & tracking equipment warranty