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CribMaster ATR is the brains behind the machine. Installed on every machine, ATR is the software that issues and returns inventory and tracks transactions in real time. ATR reports critical data from every work site back to other CribMaster software programs, like CM Client, creating a comprehensive and unified system of information that helps you manage your inventory across various devices.

FlipTop ATR

Easy to Use

ATR is user friendly, with clear instructions right on screen, large buttons for easy visibility, and support for 16 different languages, making it an easy solution to adopt in any facility. It records every transaction performed by the machine, and includes key functions that allow you to keep your Operations floor running smoothly, with a high level of accountability over every tool in the facility.

Items Out and Returns

The Items Out and Returns functions are both an easy way to maintain accountability over every tool. The Items Out function gives an at-a-glance look at which items are checked out, and by who—which is especially important for those working in high-stakes environments requiring a high level of accountability, like facilities who operate with strict FOD regulations. When you’re done using a tool, simply use the Returns function to quickly return your item. The ATR software will automatically update, marking your tool as returned with a time-stamped record.

AccuPort ATR
Max Control

Maximum Control

Use the Restrictions & Permissions feature to maintain control over your most important inventory. You can restrict certain employee’s access to designated items, enforce daily or weekly limits on items of your choice, or prevent hoarding of critical inventory by only allowing a certain number of items per employee.

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