ProStock Mini

High-Capacity, Secure Storage With a Small Footprint

Manage the distribution of hundreds of items at the point-of-use to reduce stockouts, lower costs, and control inventory consumption. The carousels in the ProStock allow each employee access to only the item they've selected to issue. With hundreds of slots available, ProStocks are ideal for managing a lot of small, low-profile PPE items like gloves or masks, but are versatile enough to also manage much larger items. Using the ProStock can be a totally touchless experience when using Remote Vend in your CM Mobile NG app.

  • CribMaster software provides detailed inventory management
  • High security for controlled consumption
  • Bins in each carousel are highly customizable and easily reconfigurable to accommodate many inventory types and sizes
  • Simple carousel reconfiguration for flexible storage
  • Dispense single items or kitted items
  • Optional lockers for large item storage
  • Carousels are self-calibrating and field-configurable
  • Carousel doors auto-open and can be set to auto-close for a totally touchless experience
  • Available in ProStock Mini

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