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June Webinar Schedule


Cost Centers & User Defined Fields: Managing Data to the Department or Job

For US Customers - Tuesday, June 30th -  12 P.M. EST/ 9 A.M. PST - Register Here
For EU Customers - Thursday, July 2nd - 3 P.M. GMT +2 / 9 A.M. EST - Register Here

CM Client has a virtually infinite number of ways to be customized based on your organizational structure. Like any software tool, the more you know about it's capabilities, the better your data and reporting can be. In this session, we'll talk about different approaches to data management through cost centers, departments, job numbers, or any other type of categorical breakout that makes sense for your business and objectives. We'll get into the software for a live training on:

• What User Defined Fields (UDFs) are, and why to use them 
• How to set up different kinds of standard and custom fields  
• Proper set up of cost centers and the types of reports you can generate using the cost center field
• How to cost centers and other custom fields for insight on important information, like where spend is going

You'll leave this session with new ways to think about the most powerful tool in your inventory management toolkit. 


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