CM Client

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The powerful foundation of CribMaster's Inventory Management Software Suite

CM Client centralizes your inventory and employee databases so you can manage your team and inventory through rules like who can access certain inventory items, how many items can be dispensed, and even when certain serialized items need to be replaced or sent for preventative maintenance. The Managers can create and schedule automated, customized reports  For large enterprises or distributors managing multiple customers, CribMaster allows you to manage multiple locations independently so that you can customize the system to the needs of each facility.

Globally Visible

Global Visibility

CM Client centralizes all the data from your locations, cribs, and devices into your CribMaster enterprise system. Users with a CM Client license will be able to see usage trends and inventory reports like stockouts and dead stock to make critical and strategic decisions on how to optimize inventory ordering and replenishment – prioritizing items that are used, and reallocating time, effort and money away from inventory that isn’t.

Better Control of Indirect Material

CM Client provides a wide breadth of inventory management capabilities, including issue, return, receive and counting of items – all tracked by user, location and cost centers. This flexibility streamlines inventory and maximizes productivity while enabling users to efficiently perform their jobs.

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Customized & Automated Reporting

Pull data from all CribMaster sources to efficiently gather accurate business intelligence that helps you analyze inventory, assets and employee trends. Take advantage of 250+ standard report templates to identify issues and track your performance improvements either ad hoc or on your preferred schedule.

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