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Manage Indirect Inventory with Industrial Tool Vending Machines & Inventory Management Software

Indirect inventory is one of the most difficult kinds of assets to manage, with thousands of SKUs passing through your operation every day. Although accounting for only 20% of your material spend, MRO items present unique challenges: over-ordering is wasteful, while a stockout can cause production to come to a halt. And, there is often little visibility into where all your inventory goes once it’s off the truck.

For nearly 30 years, CribMaster has helped manage consumable and durable inventory using consumable and tool vending machines installed right at the point-of-use on the production floor. Powered by the CribMaster inventory tracking software, our tool vending machines for manufacturers and industrial distributors dispense tools, PPE and any other consumable inventory to authorized users right at the point of use - as close as possible to the action, savings countless hours by reducing the amount of time workers have to travel to a centralized tool crib or storeroom.

Additionally, our integrated inventory tracking software monitors item usage and inventory levels to make sure the materials needed are always available. This visibility helps prevent stockouts and saves money on items that aren’t being used – meaning you’ll worry less about inventory and get back to what matters.

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Tool Tracking

Industrial Tool Vending Machines

Require workers to badge in before taking an item so you have record of who took it, where it was used, and when it was returned. Reduce inventory hoarding and overuse, while analyzing usage to maximize inventory availability.

Manage Spend and Supply with

Inventory Management Software

See what inventory is running low so you only order what you need, when you need it. Decrease wasteful spending and maximize the inventory you already have while identifying the exact inventory types being used.

CribMaster Inventory Management Software
RFID Tracking
Improve Productivity & Compliance with

Inventory & Tool Tracking

Looking for misplaced materials can be a huge drain on productivity, and missing inventory in highly regulated plants can even bring production to a halt. Our point-of-use inventory and tool tracking solutions use machines and sensors with RFID technology to track where tools are located within a monitored facility - meaning you can see where items are and get them back to their proper storage place, quickly. Our asset tracking inventory management solution helps manufacturers in aerospace, defense, automotive, power generation, and other regulated industries stay compliant and productive.

Our solutions are quick to adopt, but our team of experts is always here if you need us.

We’re one of the most scalable solutions in the industry, so your CribMaster program can grow at the pace that’s comfortable for your business. Explore our offering of Point-of-Use vending machines below or give us a call and talk to one of our experts to find the right solution for you.

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Industrial Vending

Our inventory management solutions are completely scalable and customizable for what you need. Our industry leading approach of software, hardware and services delivers a three-pronged approach to help you develop, build and grow your inventory management program. Whether you're a distributor looking to provide a value added service to your customers through a vendor managed inventory (VMI) program, or a manufacturer looking to improve your operational efficiency, our team of experts is here to help. 

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COVID-19 Response

Lower-Touch Tool Vending Practices

COVID-19 has given us an opportunity to imagine new ways of getting inventory and tools to the floor using fewer shared devices. With our 2020 Summer Software Release for CM11, you can now enable lower-touch vending features that help get inventory onto the floor while reducing touchpoints. 

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Remote Vend

Remote Vend

Use your mobile device to vend tools and other items from your CribMaster tool vending machines - without touching a shared computer or keypad.

Touch-Free Vending

Enable the Touch-Free Vending setting to vend PPE items with the simple swipe of an employee badge

Contact Tracing Reports

Utilize the detailed information in your CribMaster database to identify who may be at risk during a Contact Tracing exercise