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Access & Manage Inventory from Your Mobile Device


CM Mobile NG is a mobile-based application for iOS and Android that allows you to access and interact with your inventory cribs from any web-enabled mobile device. Using CM Mobile NG, actions typically done at the ATR can now be taken into the palm of your hand, so workers don’t have to touch shared devices like a Tekvision or barcode scanner. CM Mobile NG also gives you the option to affordably automate smaller staffed tool cribs without having to invest in new equipment. Designed with a modern look and feel, CM Mobile NG is easy to navigate and intuitive to use, so you can get straight to the core inventory management features you need.

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Remote Vend

Use Your Phone for Low-Touch Vending

Workers can issue and return items right from the CM Mobile NG app on their personal or work-issued mobile device. This low-touch alternative to the Tekvision records the same transaction data while reducing the need to use shared devices, helping achieve a safer vending experience.

To help enable touchless vending broadly in your workforce, we’ve unlocked unlimited seats for Remote Vend for everyone in your company – all you need is one full CM Mobile NG license and an API!

CribMaster At Your Fingertips

Issue & return items right at your fingertips or turn your mobile device into a scanner to complete cycle counts on the go. Quickly reorder inventory by simply scanning a bin with your camera and punching in the quantity you need to order.

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Multi-Crib Visability

Multi-Crib Visibility

CM Mobile is designed to easily navigate between sites and cribs, making it ideal for people who need to manage multiple facilities. You can get at-a-glance status for all your cribs, and view important data like incoming orders or bins that are past due for cycle counting. Check inventory levels for all your sites and cribs, and plan a more efficient route between facilities by turning on your location services to get visibility into the distance between sites.

Accessible Anywhere

With CM Mobile, you don’t even need WiFi to log into the application and access key features. Just use your mobile phone’s cell reception to access your information. Even when connections are unreliable, CM Mobile can store transactions on your device until a stronger connection can be established.

Accessible Anywhere

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