CM10 Upgrade FAQs

What are the benefits of moving to CM11?

CM11 includes new security updates and many enhanced features that will make your inventory management program faster, more secure and more efficient. For a full list of the new features in CM11, please download our CM11 Features Guide, Self-Upgrade Guide or watch our CM11 playlist.


Am I required to upgrade?

No, but our ability to support any technical issues will be limited. You also will not be able to take advantage of the new features in CM11, like Touch-Free Vending, Crib Cloning, Shopping Cart and many more. We highly encourage you to upgrade to have the best experience!


Do I need to be up-to-date on my renewals to upgrade to CM11?

Yes, you do.  Please reach out to to renew your license.


How long will it take to upgrade to CM11?

The time it takes to complete an upgrade will depend on your environment and the current version of your software.  Our Professional Services team can will review these factors and provide a scope of work within 3 business days.


Can my existing machines all upgrade to ATR11?

All machines running on Windows 7 or 10 can upgrade. We recommend Windows 10 for the optimal experience and latest technology. Windows XP is not compatible. Additionally, any of our 786 Tekvisions can work for CM11. Our Professional Services team can work with you to recommend the best upgrade plan for you.


How much does upgrading cost?

You can choose to upgrade yourself at no cost using this Self-Upgrade Guide. Alternatively, our Professional Services team can help with your upgrade for an hourly fee. After reviewing your unique environment, they will prepare a scope of work, including cost, for your approval.

If you’re hosted by CribMaster, upgrading is included in your annual fees at no additional charge!


Will all my data transfer over to CM11?



Who can I speak with about upgrading?

Please reach out to our Sales team at


Why is CribMaster ending development on CM10?

Ending development on CM10 allows the CribMaster team to focus on the latest version, CM11, which has the best security and newest features to give you an optimal inventory management experience.


What does “end of development” mean?

“End of development” means that we won’t be releasing any new features, enhancements or minor bug fixes in CM10. Also, new machine types will only be compatible with CM11. We will continue to address system critical bugs in CM10.


What does “end of support” mean?

CribMaster Technical Support will still be available to answer any questions about CM10 to the best of their ability through 2021. Please upgrade to CM11 as soon as possible to take advantage of our best features, security, and support.

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