Conquering Complex Projects

If you’ve ever been involved in a complex project with a company you’ve worked with, this session will share best practices and help you learn how to overcome hurdles. The CribMaster team will present case studies of our own. Bring your challenges and successes to share, and walk away with best practices not only for CribMaster complex deployments, but also practices you can put in place for any demanding project you may encounter.

Trends in Mobility

As today’s work environments continue to move from desk-based solutions to mobile ones, CribMaster is continuing to leverage mobile devices to deliver inventory management capabilities to users on the go. This session addresses how workplace mobile solutions will increasingly play an important role in user experience and convenience, while resulting in greater efficiencies and speed of doing business. Real world examples will be shared.

The Next Wave of VMI

We've seen manufacturers push on suppliers to deliver more and more on-site inventory management capabilities, starting with simple "keep fill" systems to the wave of industrial vending machines that have swept the industry. What types of inventory management improvements and requirements will manufacturers expect next? And what do suppliers need to do to be ready to meet and exceed these expectations? 

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