Our New Cutting Tool Vending Machine, FlipTop, Now Available in 3 Sizes


Distributors and end users across manufacturing know the importance of having a secure yet accessible solution for a variety of valuable assets, ranging from cutting tools to welding supplies.

FlipTop, a new CribMaster tool vending machine designed specifically for high-value tools and accessories, is just that. With up to 1,782 bins per unit, FlipTop can accommodate hundreds of SKUs within one highly-secure, access-controlled machine.

Powered by the CribMaster’s industrial vending machine software, access to the items within FlipTop is highly secure, allowing storeroom personnel or inventory admins to restrict access by user, item type or another a User Defined Field. 

In order to maintain high security for valuable items, only one item is stored per bin. Additionally, FlipTop has two layers of access-control at the drawer and bin level. Once a worker selects an item to check out, only the drawer that contains the item will unlock and only the specific bin that houses the item will pop open. All other items will remain securely locked.

FlipTop is also a highly configurable solution. There are 32 total bin layouts to choose from to with a mix of differently-sized square and rectangular bins to easily accommodate a range of items from small inserts to larger drill bits and tig wire.  Each drawer layout is independent to allow for maximum customization.

FlipTop comes in three sizes. The standard FlipTop is a large floor-standing unit with the most bins and useable space. FlipTop Mini is a smaller version that can sit on a tabletop or rolling cart, and achieves a balance of size and capacity. And for the space conscious, FlipTop Wall is mounted on the wall and is a great option to free up floor space at point-of-use. 

FlipTop was designed with efficiency in mind. It boasts a quick replenishment system, allowing distributor reps to replenish bins twice as fast as competing solutions. Bins with the same item open at once, cutting replenishment time in half, and the AutoLock  feature automatically closes and locks all bins when the drawer is shut.

The solution is also highly-scalable—up to three auxiliary units can be added to a main unit, for a total of up to 7,128 secure bins.

FlipTop offers a unique new solution to the ever-growing CribMaster industrial vending machine mix, and could be a meaningful addition to the tool lockers, coils and carousels in your program today.


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