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Industrial Vending Solutions Put Smart Solutions on the Job to Control Costs and Maximize
Workflow Efficiency

At CribMaster, we know how important it is to maximize productivity and lower the cost of materials to boost your business’s bottom line.

With decades of experience in industrial inventory control, the solutions experts at CribMaster have designed asset management solutions that include industrial vending machines and industrial vending software customized to meet your needs, making it easier to streamline projects from concept to completion.


Our unified platform incorporates traditional hardware, software, and RFID tracking system technology across devices and locations to:

  • Provide highly configurable storage in a number of form factors
    • Carousel Machines to accommodate a higher number of SKUs at lower quantities while maintaining high security
    • Coil Machines to dispense gloves, earplugs, etc.
    • Lockers for power tools, boxed or irregular shaped items
    • Weight sensitive storage for all bin stock components
  • Track tool movement, usage and inspection
  • Capture all transactions
  • Notify you of missing items
  • Keep tools in stock
  • Scan work areas to assure they are FME and FOD compliant
  • Create issue and return records

Providing tools, supplies and safety equipment at the point of use results in several benefits for your business:

  • Increased productivity/reduced labor costs
  • More business intelligence/reduced admin time
  • Flexible storage spaces that are configurable and accessible
  • Auto replenishment – less waste/lower indirect material costs and admin expense

CribMaster Vending Solutions
Industrial vending machines with scalable inventory solutions have become one of the greatest assets for our business partners, reporting elevated production and loss prevention on projects that utilize CribMaster vending in partnership with tool tracking. The success of our smart solutions and inventory tracking systems is due to our ability to work with you to customize vending machinery to your specifications, for in-house and onsite projects.

CribMaster Storage Formats:
We offer many options across Low, Medium and High security levels:

  • Low Security
    • Open shelves and bins designed for high-turn, low-cost items that need to be accessible at all times
  • Medium Security
    • Multiple items within a bin made accessible after user signs in
  • High Security
    • Access given to a specific item after request and sign in; ideal for high-cost or restricted items
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
    By connecting to software that organizes and transmits information into one central database, RFID tool tagging allows you to track the movement of tools and materials everywhere they go, so you always know:

    • When tools leave a vending machine
    • Which employee has removed the tools
    • Where tools are being utilized
    • What time tools are returned
    • What tools are missing, if any, and last location

    Get a Real-Time View of Your Tools’ Movements
    We offer several hardware options with RFID technology to fit your unique needs, including:

    • Handheld scanners
    • Embedded scanners placed inside our Acculine
    • RFID-enabled portals
    • RFID-enabled drawers and cabinets
    • Last Point Read (LPR) devices placed around the facility to track tagged assets

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