Manage Consumable MRO Inventory with our advanced Industrial Inventory Management Solutions

Manufacturers report up to 50% of their on-hand consumable inventory is unused, resulting in wasted revenue and storage space. Over-ordering, lost inventory and out-of-stock critical items can seriously impact production goals and your budget. CribMaster removes “inventory anxiety” by providing complete visibility of all consumables.

Gain control and peace of mind with:

  • Highly configurable solutions tailored to fit your need - Over 22 hardware solutions with different degrees of security, from the FlexSense for high-volume, low-cost inventory to the high-security ProStock that only gives access to the specific item requested
  • A single database that captures information across facilities
    • Allows you to monitor usage rates to cut down on dead stock and waste
    • Tracks consumable spending by employee, job or time period for accounting purposes and budgetary analysis
  • Automatic generation of inventory reports
    • Sends scheduled overstock, under-stock, and dead stock reports to use as reference in improving purchase plans
  • Touchscreen vending machines for PPE and MRO inventory
    • Keeps accurate account of item flow
    • Prevents employees from taking wrong materials
  • Self-service scanners and weight-sensitive storage
    • Enables efficient storeroom transactions even in unmanned cribs and offsite locations
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