Training & Education

Be a Master of Your Solution with CribMaster Training

An important part of providing our catalog of asset management solutions is the strong support we give, including training and education.

The CribMaster Training and Education platform is simple: We offer classes to support all customers in becoming 100% proficient in operating our complete catalogue of products and service.

CribMaster training includes: Tool Crib Training, RFID Training and CM Software Training held in our Marietta, Georgia headquarters. Each class is taught by our team of experienced CM instructors, in our dedicated training room, and is limited to 12 participants so that we can ensure personalized hands-on training in every session. Below is a list of classes offered to meet all your training needs.

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CM Client Basic Training

CM Client Basic Training
This class is for CribMaster Client users who are new to the CribMaster system or would like a refresher. We cover the general functions and processes used in CribMaster Client, the core of CribMaster’s suite of applications including:

  • Standard Usage
  • Managing Data
  • Simple Functions and Preferences
  • Cycle Counting
  • Reporting and more

Designed for Distributors

CM Distributor Training Learn general functions and processes used within CM Desktop Client, the core of CribMaster’s suite of applications including:

  • Standard Usage
  • The Distribution Model
  • Managing Data
  • Simple Functions and Preferences
  • Cycle Counting
  • Reporting and more

Hardware and Software Training

CM Hardware Operation and Maintenance This class covers the daily operation as well as preventive and corrective maintenance requirements of our most popular CribMaster machines:

  • ProStock
  • ProLock
  • WeighStation
  • ToolBox

It also provides a foundational overview of the ATR software that runs CM vending solutions and options including:

  • Issue
  • Return
  • Counts
  • Adjusts
  • ATR machine diagnostic tools
  • Replenishment
  • Point-of-use
  • CM Block

Additionally, this course teaches the skills necessary to install, configure and reconfigure them in the field. We will also cover the process and necessary parts to add auxiliary units. This course is designed for both our customers and distributors.

CM RFID Training
RFID training covers the basics of CribMaster’s RFID solutions including:

  • Terminology
  • Tag management
  • Operation of RFID system
  • Inventory tracking
  • Assigning and managing tags

Each participant will learn the science behind RFID technology and participate in a hands-on RFID tagging lab. CM RFID training also includes more advanced elements of our RFID solutions, such as: implementation, component troubleshooting and replacement, preventive maintenance and best practices.

Customized Training

CribMaster’s skilled trainers have in-depth knowledge of our solutions, professional insights and real-world examples from a range of manufacturing environments that can help you with any training issues or concerns you might be experiencing. We can design a unique program for you and your team at our headquarters, your location, or over a convenient interactive webinar. Customized training is available to meet the individual needs of our customers as well as distributors.

Talk to us about all your training needs at 877-836-8475 or email us at With your help, we continue to expand our capabilities to support the growth and development of our valued customers, partners, and employees.