Professional Services

Support You Can Rely On

At CribMaster, our Customer Experience team is always available to provide you with technical expertise and personalized support, from RFID deployment to everyday best practices. Simply put, our team works with your team in meeting your business goals and project timelines.

Installation & Implementation
CribMaster Installers are committed to making sure your customized solution is running seamlessly in your facility, with services that include comprehensive set-up and testing of your software and hardware solutions.

The Customer Experience team cover three phases of on-site implementation: planning, execution, and lifecycle services. Each phase is designed to supply the support you need, when you need it.

During the planning stage, our Installers:

  • Scope your project
    • Determine best practices for incorporating CribMaster software and hardware into current and future business processes and requirements
  • Develop an implementation plan
    • Customize database program
      • Create, maintain, or update custom database programming including database triggers, stored procedures and automatic email notifications
    • Customize reports
  • Create and modify standard reports
  • Conduct IT discussions
    • Assure integration with other systems
      • ERP, preventative maintenance, HR, security, etc.
    • Plan delivery method for integrating systems
      • Flat files, xml, ftp upload or other method
  • Prepare the data
  • Develop a training plan

This phase includes 2 stages:

  • On-site execution
    • Coordination of implementation plan
    • Configuration of hardware
    • Installation of software
    • Customer training 
    • Testing and fine-tuning of processes
  • Sustainment
    • Performance of preventative maintenance and machine maintenance
    • Identification of open action items for quick resolution

Lifecycle Services
CribMaster’s Customer Experience includes support throughout deployment to ensure your business goals are met.

Ongoing Support includes:

  • Remote CribMaster software installations and upgrades
    • Dedicated remote support for installing CribMaster software or upgrading to a new version
  • Data imports
    • Review data, create CSV and RUL files and test imports
  • Backup/restore CribMaster databases
    • Create a backup “.bak” copy of the CribMaster SQL database and/or restore a SQL .bak file on an existing SQL server instance.
  • RFID Projects
    • Analysis of your facilities to optimize the placement of CribMaster RFID solution
    • On-site assessment of your operations workflow and RFID site surveys
    • Attachment of RFID tags to your inventory
    • Set up of tool control cabinets
    • Performance of acceptance testing to ensure CribMaster RFID solutions are running optimally
  • From planning, on-site installation and RFID deployment, to sustainment—whether it be machine maintenance or system upgrades—our Customer Experience team is your partner in your inventory management program.