Tool Control Solutions

Standardize procedures for tool access and control

CribMaster solutions eliminate many issues related to tool control, leading to increased productivity and lower material costs. The system incorporates hardware, software, and RFID technology to help you efficiently manage your tool inventory.

Proper organization is essential for keeping track of tools. CribMaster offers a range of fully customizable options for orderly tool management:

  • Secure storage lockers and drawers
  • Precision-cut foam inserts
  • Serialized tooling inventory
  • Usage and inspection tracking
  • Electronic records for issue and return

The system also improves authorization and accountability for issues and returns:

  • Workers must scan an ID to retrieve a tool from the crib or a line-side vending machine.
  • The software associates the ID with a particular job to ensure the right tool is dispensed and the appropriate cost center is documented.
  • The database automatically records every transaction to confirm which worker is accountable for each tool.
  • Reports emailed to supervisors list any unreturned tools at the end of a shift.

While tools are on the floor, RFID solutions track their movements across the facility. This limits the time spent searching for lost tools, discourages theft, and helps to maintain safety compliance—all of which contribute to increased production and reduced costs.

CribMaster solutions provide a high level of real-time visibility for unmatched tool control. We take a comprehensive approach with a flexible, multilayered solution set capable of meeting the most difficult tool management challenges.