Module Exterior Dimensions
Height16.5 in41.91 cm
Width30 in76.2 cm
Depth30 in76.2 cm
Base Exterior Dimensions
Height17 in43.18 cm
Width30 in76.2 cm
Depth30 in76.2 cm
Vending Drawer Dimensions
Height2.75 in6.99 cm
Width26.5 in67.31 cm
Depth4.25 in10.8 cm
ToolBox Module125 lbs57 kg
ProStock Module110 lbs50 kg
Power Requirements
Amps21 (EU)
Voltage120230 (EU)
Operating Environment
Temperature32˚F to 95˚F0˚C to 35˚C
Humidity20% to 85% (no condensation)
Technical Info
CE Compliant
Windows OS
  • Capable of dispensing single inserts
  • Expandable modular design
  • Smaller scale vending
  • Combines helix and carousel modules in a single footprint
  • Side-attaching shelf to hold ATR, prox stand, scanner or other items under 10 lbs
  • V-channel mini helix to vend small narrow items such as single cutting tool insert boxes and earplugs
  • Vertical inner helix partition to vend narrow items such as end mills and pens
  • Riser platform to vend short items such as battery packs
  • Flip bar pusher as an alternative to the vertical partition to vend items such as narrow insert boxes and end mill boxes
  • Auger helix for vending small items such as single cutting tool inserts and welding tips

The X3 System is a solution to conveniently store and distribute tools and supplies anywhere in your facility without sacrificing valuable shop-floor space. The modular design of this industrial benchtop solution improves manufacturing operational efficiency by creating compact vending within arm’s reach of the job. This means your employees can quickly and easily access the supplies they need without any barriers to productivity.

Utilizing both helix and carousel-style dispensing, the X3 System provides vending options suitable for a wide range of tools, PPE, or indirect material. The system reduces inventory consumption by providing controlled dispensing of small items such as cutting tool inserts.

Other benefits include:

  • Improved workflow
  • Easy access to high-volume inventory
  • Seamless add-on capabilities
  • Cost-effective indirect material management


Technology, Usage & Footprint

Small Footprint
Low # SKUs
Carousel Drawers