Single Main Exterior Dimensions
Height82.71 in210.08 cm
Width38 in96.52 cm
Depth34.5 in87.63 cm
Double Main Exterior Dimensions
Height82.71 in210.08 cm
Width72 in182.88 cm
Depth34.5 in87.63 cm
Auxiliary Exterior Dimensions
Height82.71 in210.08 cm
Width34 in86.36 cm
Depth32.5 in82.55 cm
Single Main / Aux450 lbs204 kg
Double Main950 lbs43 kg
Power Requirements
Amps33 (EU)
Voltage120220 (EU)
Operating Environment
Temperature32˚F to 95˚F0˚C to 35˚C
Humidity20% to 85% (no condensation)
Technical Info
CE Compliant
Windows OS
Maximum Capacity
Single Main / Aux96 scales
Double Main192 scales

* Base weight before scales.

  • Easy to replenish as inventory repacking is not required
  • Ideal choice for internal distribution of bench stock
  • Clear doors and pull-out shelves for maximum visibility and accessibility
  • Auxiliary unit easily expands footprint and functions as a second crib to allow for added security through employee permissions

Vertical Bin Shelf

  • A vertical bin uses a scale and a tube to vertically store rod stock 24 inches and longer

Bin Extensions

  • Increase height up to 12 inches to maximize quantity of stored items per bin
  • Available for 12x12, 24x6 and 24x12 bins
  • 24x6 bin extension excluded on 50 lb scale

Driven by CribMaster’s Inventory Management System software, the WeighStation provides an effective, total-accountability solution for efficient management of your high-use supplies. Utilizing precise weight-sensing technology, the WeighStation removes productivity barriers and allows authorized employees 24/7 access to their high-volume inventory in one location at the point of use. There is no inventory to scan or transactions to log. When inventory is removed from the bin, transactions are automatically recorded based on the amount of weight that was removed.

The WeighStation creates convenient and secure storage anywhere in your facility. This system provides an end-to-end solution that simplifies indirect material management to help you streamline your operations and run at peak efficiency.

  • Control inventory consumption
  • Eliminate wasted time searching for supplies
  • Reduce mission-critical stock-outs
  • Expedite dispensing and tracking of high-use inventory, bench stock, or bulk items
  • Quickly and easily replenish in bulk
  • Eliminate repackaging costs
  • Benefit from non-intrusive access with a simple touchscreen interface

In a single- or double-cabinet configuration, the WeighStation offers customizable shelf placement providing flexibility and ample storage space to house inventory in various sizes. The WeighStation Auxiliary unit easily expands your footprint and functions as a second crib to allow for added security.

The WeighStation’s sister solution, the Hybrid AccuCab, combines passive RFID technology with weight sensing, allowing you to track both durable and consumable inventory in one solution.

Technology, Usage & Footprint

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