Main Exterior Dimensions
Height73 in185.42 cm
Width39 in99.06 cm
Depth40 in101.6 cm
Auxiliary Exterior Dimensions
Height73 in185.42 cm
Width39 in99.06 cm
Depth36 in91.44 cm
Main - 6 Shelf630 lbs286 kg
Auxiliary - 6 Shelf580 lbs263 kg
Main - 7 Shelf650 lbs295 kg
Auxiliary - 7 Shelf600 lbs272 kg
Power Requirements
Amps21.6 (EU)
Voltage110230 (EU)
Operating Environment
Temperature35˚F to 110˚F1˚C to 43˚C
Humidity20% to 85% (no condensation)
Technical Info
CE compliant
Windows OS
  • High security for controlled consumption
  • Enhanced product visibility with clear front door
  • Single item or kitted item dispensing
  • Ample storage for cost effective control
  • Easily expanded with auxiliary units
  • V-channel with mini helix to vend small narrow items such as single insert boxes and earplugs
  • Vertical inner helix partition to vend narrow items such as end mills and pens
  • Riser platform to vend short items such as battery packs
  • Flip bar pusher as an alternative to the vertical partition to vend items such as narrow insert boxes and end mill boxes
  • Auger helix for vending small items such as single batteries and welding tips

The ToolBox is CribMaster's secure, point-of-use dispensing device, ideal for the distribution of high-use consumable inventory. The flexible coil layout provides ample storage for cost-effective control and can be reconfigured or seamlessly expanded with auxiliary units as your operation grows.

Other benefits include:

  • Inventory-level monitors to eliminate stock-outs
  • Item issue security for access control
  • Inventory monitoring with automatic alerts for critical stock levels
  • Standard and custom reporting tools to help you extract business intelligence
  • Minimal machine downtime to improve manufacturing efficiency
  • User-defined cost centers for budget monitoring

Powered by CribMaster’s Inventory Management System software, the ToolBox is an end-to-end solution that allows your operation to run smoother, reduce waste, lower costs, and increase productivity.

Technology, Usage & Security Level

Medium # SKUs
High Security