Asset Management

Improve Asset Visibility Through Proven Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology

With the employment of CribMaster Inventory Management System software and RFID asset tracking hardware, you have the benefit of an extra set of eyes on your facility at all times.

RFID readers in our Accu-line of products monitor tags entering or leaving the crib and easily identifies when items are missing from their proper location. Last Point Read (LPR) monitors follow the movement of tagged assets throughout your facility so you have a detailed report of where items are throughout the day. Plus, you receive notification in the case of missing items, along with last known location and employee information.

Our RFID-enabled Accu-line helps to maintain safety compliance by making it easier to scan work areas for FOD or FME.

Choose the Solution That’s Right For You RFID can be integrated virtually everywhere in your facility with the use of:

  • Handheld scanners with CM Scan software
  • The CM Mobile Plus application
    • enables workers to use iPhones as scanners
  • Embedded scanners in our Accu-line of products
    • reads tags each time storage compartment closes

We offer two types of tags to meet your business needs:

  • Standard ultra-high-frequency (UHF) tags
    • Metal, non-metal, cord mount, hang tag, and laundry tag options
  • AeroScout active RFID tags
    • Wireless tracking of location, condition, and status of high-value assets

Whether your company is new to CribMaster or you are planning to add advanced RFID technology to your CribMaster suite of services, our CribMaster support team is here to share how our system can make all your systems run smoother and smarter.

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