Speeding up the process of dispensing consumable items eliminates a great deal of downtime. ProLock offers quick, secure access to items such as personal protective equipment and consumable materials—as well as tools.

ProLock is an access-controlled, flexible locker solution managed by the CribMaster Inventory Management System software. With ProLock, you can overcome the challenges associated with indirect material distribution in your facility.

You benefit by:

  • Securely storing larger consumables not fit for coil or carousel solutions 
  • Providing efficient access to high-use inventory right at the point of use
  • Distributing shop supplies, consumables, and associated tools from a single solution 
  • Configuring and expanding shelves to accommodate a variety of bin sizes
  • Monitoring with multi-category, user-defined usage tracking and accounting
  • Eliminating theft and preventing item hoarding
  • Automatically generating usage reports

The ProLock lockers come standard with clear fronts and white interiors for easy visibility of inventory. As your operation grows or you need to expand your control to other areas, ProLock lockers can simply connect to each other to create an expandable bay of cabinets.