The MultiStore is a versatile locker solution that offers automated, compartmentalized control over larger items and high quantities of both consumables and durables.

Featuring 24 spacious lockers, a single MultiStore is capable of serving as a full onsite branch. By housing multiple SKUs in each locker, the MultiStore gives your workers efficient access to mission-critical inventory for the job at hand. You can also easily reconfigure shelves and combine lockers to adjust the space for specific items.

Benefits include:

  • Use the CribMaster Inventory Management System software to set access controls for each locker independently, securing by user ID, supervisor, shift, etc.
  • Control consumption of high-use items
  • Gain better inventory visibility with see-through doors and white shelves
  • Gather comprehensive tracking and usage data for effective inventory management

Set up the MultiStore as a main unit for a work area with a variety of inventory needs, or pair it with other CribMaster solutions as an auxiliary unit. Complementing your CribMaster high-security coil or carousel inventory management solutions with a MultiStore enables you to issue and return items such as calibration equipment, kits, assemblies, toolboxes, and bulk supplies.