The AccuCab pairs passive RFID technology with CribMaster’s Inventory Management System software to deliver an effective tool management system. Manufacturers can monitor their RFID-tagged assets in real time as they are issued and returned. The system allows supply managers to see at a glance who has which tools, and will automatically alert management if tools are not returned in the proper time frame. This is particularly useful in high-accountability environments where any lost or misplaced tool is a safety or FOD risk.

The non-intrusive AccuCab solution gives employees 24/7 access to the required tools. Workers simply identify themselves when accessing and returning the RFID-enabled tools they need, improving efficiency without hindering workflow or adopting new methods. The system automatically records the transaction and provides other critical data on supply use.

  • Increase tool accountability.
  • Monitor calibration schedules and tool inspection processes.
  • Reduce the risk of lost or misplaced tools.

The AccuCab system’s modular design allows it to be seamlessly combined with a weight-sensing technology system, as in CribMaster’s Hybrid AccuCab. This dual-function system is the ideal solution to monitor durable inventory and control high-volume consumables.