Tool availability is critical to a productive environment. Tools that simply vanish due to misplacement or theft inflate costs for your business. The eDrawer creates user accountability and provides the information you need to take corrective action if a tool is accidentally misplaced or lost. The streamlined issuing process allows multiple users to check tools in and out of a box with ease, while the CribMaster Inventory Management System software automatically records each transaction.

With the eDrawer, your authorized employees have 24/7 access—at the point of use—to the tools they use every day, stored securely without a key. Employees simply identify themselves to unlock the system, scan the barcoded items, remove the required tools, and go to work. The software records the transaction and an “items out” icon is prominently displayed on the user-friendly touchscreen interface, making the tool inspection process fast, easy and accurate.

The eDrawer has helped many manufacturers with their tool monitoring processes.

  • Monitor tool inspection and calibration processes.
  • Capture business intelligence reporting.
  • Reduce safety risks from lost or misplaced tools.
  • Increase productivity.


eDrawer Tool Management System