The versatility of the CabLock is ideal for establishing accountability among your employees for high-use supplies required at the point of use. Workers have easy access to material through a simple user interface. You control the distribution of consumable inventory throughout your operation while gaining detailed knowledge about your supply usage.

The industrial cabinet design offers multiple configuration choices for the drawers and compartments, creating organized storage of bulk inventory such as fasteners, rivets, or hardware. It can also be used to track durable items such as tools.

By simply swiping a badge or entering a code on the touchscreen interface, your employees gain access to critical inventory without the use of a key. This streamlines workflow and greatly reduces production downtime.

Driven by CribMaster’s Inventory Management System software, the CabLock also collects transactional information along with a variety of other data to help supply managers with:

  • Optimized purchase orders
  • Identification of stock shortages
  • Monitoring for supply budgets
  • Cost accounting for individual budgets
  • Management of consignment inventory