CribMaster Launches FlexSense

MARIETTA, GA – 10 July 2018: CribMaster® introduces FlexSenseTM, the company’s latest innovation in inventory management that automatically monitors and reorders inventory items to keep critical parts in stock.

FlexSense combines award-winning CribMaster software with configurable sensor platforms to offer the ultimate in flexible inventory automation. When bin items get low, the FlexSense system automatically generates an alert and creates a purchase order based on customized stocking requirements. Additionally, FlexSense provides real-time inventory data on web-enabled devices and displays color-coded LED indicators to quickly identify which bins need attention. FlexSense virtually eliminates inventory stockouts and the need for manual inventory monitoring, optimizing both production and restocking efficiencies.

“We designed FlexSense for those critical parts and supplies that can bring production to a halt when they stock-out,” said Holly Brown, VP of Sales, Marketing and Product Strategy at Stanley Black & Decker | CribMaster. “With real-time inventory data visible on any device, our customers can keep on top of their inventory, so they never have to worry about disrupting production.”

FlexSense is currently available in North America and will launch in Europe in late 2018. For more information on product specifications, click here.

About FlexSense
Powered by CribMaster software, FlexSense is a sensor-based inventory management system that continuously monitors inventory levels of low-security, critical-supply PPE and production parts bins. Automated alerts, reordering, and indicator lights eliminate stock-outs, while the intuitive inventory dashboard provides real-time inventory data on any web-enabled device. Available in 6-bin or 10-bin shelves, FlexSense sensors can also be used with existing bins and shelves to automate parts cribs. With the ability to set inventory requirements for each individual bin, FlexSense can automatically monitor anything from fasteners and bolts to gloves and earplugs. The standard FlexSense controller unit supports 50 sensor platforms and can be expanded to 100 platforms, visible in a single inventory dashboard.