Hybrid AccuCab™

Dual Technologies, One Customizable Solution

The Hybrid AccuCab has clear pull-out shelving and customizable shelf placement. This flexible configuration provides ample space to house large RFID-tagged tools, as well as bulk inventory stored in various-sized weight-sensitive bins, all in the same cabinet.

Driven by CribMaster’s Inventory Management Software, this secure point-of-use device provides authorized employees with easy access to both high-volume consumable items and durable inventory. Combining RFID and precise weight-sensing technologies, the Hybrid AccuCab delivers automated, dispensing on a 24 / 7 basis.

  • Helps to reduce inventory consumption of high-volume items
  • Non-intrusive access for issuing and returning durable inventory
  • Manages calibration schedules and items due for rework
  • Hassle-free replenishment process eliminates extras steps of repackaging