Lost or misplaced durables are a major expense for manufacturing facilities, resulting in replacement costs and time, and lower productivity. Your workforce could be wasting hours each month searching for missing tools, equipment and items— or trying to track down the last person to use them. If the documentation for broken and uninspected tools is inaccurate, for instance, you might find out only after a job has already begun.

To address manufacturers’ concerns over missing durables, CribMaster developed solutions that increase employee accountability, secure inventory and assets, and improve reporting accuracy. In thousands of deployments, our advanced solutions have proven their worth to manufacturers around the world.

Here are the CribMaster solutions our customers find most effective for managing their durable items.


SolutionTechnology# of SKUsSecurity LevelFootprint

CM Client

Software at the storeroom tracks all scanned transactions



Manages any type of inventory in a centrally located tool crib or storeroom environment



Provides secure 24/7 tool availability, critical to productive environments

BarcodeUp to 1000LowSmall


Provides positive tool control in industries where accountability for every tool is critical

RFIDUp to 400MediumSmall


Access-controlled, flexible solution for single-item transactions

LockerUp to 24HighSmall


Allows authorized users to efficiently access and return larger durable items

RFIDUp to 400MediumModular


If your requirements for managing durables call for something different, we have an extensive solution portfolio to choose from. Each solution is scalable, customizable, and configurable to fit your exact needs, and our team will work with you to configure the right solutions to meet your objectives.