Protect and manage offsite tools to maximize productivity

Many remote work areas are unsuitable for manned tool cribs, making tool loss both common and extremely harmful to productivity. CribMaster provides these job sites with secure, automated tool issue and return in a fully stocked, network-connected storage container or mobile trailer.

CribMaster worksite storage solutions are designed to handle outdoor conditions, and offer tool control capabilities virtually identical to an onsite CribMaster implementation:

  • ID-based access allows 24/7 entry for authorized personnel only.
  • A number of technologies enable you to monitor durable and serialized inventory.
  • A controlled access entryway automatically logs specific tools as they exit and return.
  • Cabinets, shelving and peg board configurations offer customized tool storage.
  • Wireless networking provides real-time connectivity to the same enterprise database.
  • Video surveillance, camera systems and alarms enhance security.
  • Safety features include a backup power supply, nonskid flooring, smoke detectors, a fire extinguisher and other emergency equipment.
  • Email notifications, reports and alerts keep management personnel informed.

CribMaster worksite storage enables customers to add a rapidly operational tool crib anywhere. It provides functional access to tools during plant turnarounds and maintenance shutdowns, or for emergency staging areas. Other benefits include:

  • Fast deployment of an unmanned, secure tool room
  • Tool tracking and loss prevention
  • Efficient replenishment for remote worksites
  • Employee accountability for issued tools
  • Better tool availability to increase productivity

As a leader in worksite storage capabilities, CribMaster provides customers with the same level of tool control for offsite operations that they expect from an onsite tool crib.