About Us

CribMaster—a division of STANLEY®— is the global leader in inventory and asset management solutions for a broad range of industrial and manufacturing applications. Our industry leading, software enabled products like ProLock™, AccuDrawer™, FlipTop™ and ProStock™, simplify how our customers work. Backed by a team of knowledgeable and dedicated problem-solvers, CribMaster makes progress easier to manage.

From all over the world and across a multitude of industries, general and precision manufacturing customers rely on us for smart solutions to optimize their operations in order to meet their production goals. We have solutions across multiple price points to solve a large variety of needs—our scale-based systems manage everything from high volume items to RFID solutions for detailed tracking of your most valuable assets.

We’ve Built Our Company Out of a Passion to Help Other Companies Build Theirs
CribMaster has been supplying intelligent inventory systems and asset management solutions to its industrial partners for over twenty years; reducing operational costs, increasing productivity, and improving compliance.

CribMaster hardware is built with quality materials for durability in the most rugged industrial environments; our industrial vending machines and tool tracking solutions connected to the smartest of inventory management software to ensure the right assets go to the right workers at the right time.

Our Vision is Based on Customer Care
Our commitment to listening to the voice of our customers keeps us ahead of the curve, delivering a world-class inventory management system and asset management solutions that enable industrial managers to manage their inventory efficiently and accurately.

We Are All About the Needs of Our Customers
CribMaster’s commitment to customer relationships starts with listening to your needs so that we can customize your best solution. Our unique partnership extends through onboarding and beyond to make sure all systems are working smoothly; that your team is comfortable and confident at the helm.


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