Wherever you go, the power of CribMaster software travels with you

As a CM Desktop Client user, you automatically have access to CM Web. From any web-connected desktop, laptop or tablet, 
CM Web gives you access to your sites’ databases for maximum productivity while on the go. Optimized for mobility, CM Web provides all of the inventory management capabilities you expect: item issue, return, receive, and counting.
It also incorporates these additional features:

Solution Generator
Automatically calculate which vending machines you need throughout your sites with the Solution Generator. Simply import the list of item details, and the software provides an instant recommendation for the type and number of machines needed to store these items, speeding project deployment times and reducing errors.

Import Validator
During initial setup, the Import Validator checks all employee, crib bin, and user-defined data for rules violations. Administrators can then resolve any issue s detected from right within the application, without wasting time on manual error checking in order to avoid partial imports or multiple reimports.

CM Web offers both static dashboards and interactive data visualizations to give management a clear picture of inventory health at their fingertips.
To quickly inform decision makers, dashboards show:

  • Dead stock
  • Overstock
  • Out of stock
  • Low stock

For more detail, interactive charts allow users to filter data by specific criteria, such as employees or date ranges.

Customizable Reports
CM Web’s drag-and-drop interface simplifies report building. The innovative reporting engine lets you easily create custom reports from five integrated templates:

  • Bin label data
  • Crib bin data
  • Employee data
  • Purchasing data
  • Transaction data


CribMaster Software Requirements:
CribMaster Desktop Client Version 10.1.60510 or later
Schema Utility Manager Version 10.1.60707.0  

Minimum Hardware Requirements:
Minimum Processor: 32 bit processor 1.0 ghz or greater
RAM: 1GB or higher
Hard Disk space: 200MB
O/S: Win 7/8/2008/2012

Optimal Hardware Requirements:
Processor (recommended): Quad core 64 bit processor @ 1.0ghz per core or greater
RAM: 16GB or Greater
Hard Disk space: 10GB or Greater
O/S: Windows 7/8/2008/2012 64 bit

Installation requirements (all of these are provided when installing via MSI):
.Net 4.5
VC++ 2008 Redistributable (same as used in client, ATR, etc.)
Crystal 2008 Runtime SP3 (same as used in client, ATR, etc.)

Browser Recommendations:
Chrome (recommended)

To ensure proper functionality, CMWeb should only be used with the latest versions of the above browsers.
CribMaster Desktop Client must be installed prior to installing CM Web.

  • Access your sites’ databases from anywhere, using mobile devices.
  • Take action while on the go to maximize productivity.
  • Streamline solution deployment and data importation for faster, more accurate, more cost-effective setups.
  • Visualize big-picture inventory conditions at a glance, or customize data views to focus on the details most important to your business.