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CribMaster’s RFID Tool Control is Ideal for Businesses of Any Size

By using RFID tool control, CribMaster’s inventory management system is able to monitor the movement of your company tools every step of the way. RFID stands for radio frequency identification devices, and these state-of-the-art tool control products can be placed throughout your warehouse to provide up-to-the-minute information on the movement of your company tools. These devices, combined with our industrial vending machines and tool tracking software, will help significantly reduce the amount of time needed for tracking down misplaced items, allowing your business to operate at a much higher level of efficiency.

In addition to the benefits associated with RFID tool control devices, our system will help your business by:

  • Providing an immediate and secure way for employees to access tools
  • Automatically replenishing depleted inventory
  • Sending notices to the appropriate managers about missing items
  • Offering extra security and purchasing features
  • Preparing more than 190 standard reports about personnel accountability, inventory management, inventory tagging, and more

So, no matter your industry, CribMaster’s RFID tool tracking program is here to help make your business more profitable. Whether you run the tool crib at a large automotive plant or you own and operate an amusement park, CribMaster will help streamline your processes.

For additional information about our RIFD tool control system, please call or e-mail CribMaster today. Our friendly and knowledgeable engineers are standing by, ready to answer all of your questions and help you determine which CribMaster product would be best for you specific needs.




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