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Gage Software from CribMaster Can Help Your Business Increase Quality and Monitor Calibration More Efficiently

If your business relies on efficient, smooth tracking of metrology schedules for your gages, you know how important this process is. Thankfully, with gage software from CribMaster, you can use our innovative, state-of-the-art gage tracking program and utilize the most powerful options on the market to streamline this process. Our gage software helps you keep track of metrology schedules and answer the important questions related to this process - when does a gage require calibration? Does it require calibration based on time or usage?

With our gage software, you can monitor the number of times a gage has been used, either by the date it was last calibrated, or on a scheduled interval. You can also set the clock to start from the first time the gage is actually used so your metrology lab doesn’t spend time calibrating gages that have not been used. When a gage is returned, our expert gage software can also monitor usage by prompting a report on how many times the gage was used. If the gage is required to be calibrated after 20 uses, for example, the software notifies the correct personnel to pull the gage for calibration after that number of uses.

Our gage software also prompts warnings prior to issuing a gage due for calibration and can also, at the point of use, do things like lock a locker space when a gage is due for calibration so no one can issue that gage and use a gage that is out of calibration. This can help cut down on quality issues for your company and ensure an efficient and orderly calibration schedule. Don’t spend another day wondering if your gages are calibrated properly or worry that your metrology schedules are inefficient or incorrect.

To learn more about the top-of-the-line tool management, RFID tracking, and gage tracking options we offer at CribMaster, contact us today.



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