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Automated Inventory Systems from CribMaster

What if you had an inventory control system at your business that alerted you when supply levels of a crucial inventory item were running dangerously low? What if this same system also automated your purchasing processes, placing an order in advance so you never had to worry about running out of a particular item? What if it could also track which of your employees were using which tools or inventory items, for how long, and when they returned them to their appropriate place in your tool crib or supply room? This might all sound too good to be true, but automated inventory systems from CribMaster can give you all this – and more.

Our industrial vending machines, inventory management software, RFID tracking technology, and other innovative products all work together to create this type of robust automated inventory systems. Here's a few of the benefits they can offer you:

  • Indirect material supply chain management

  • Alerts to notify of critical stock levels

  • The ability to function with CM scanners to provide mobility

  • Red flag budget monitoring

  • Extensive security and item limit features

  • Client, server, and CM online models

  • Cost accounting by multiple user-defined cost centers

  • Preventive maintenance add-on to the inventory system

  • CM data warehouse for multi-facility functionality

  • Inventory and order optimization

  • Extensive purchasing features

  • Consignment inventory monitoring for integrated supply accounts

  • Common item number system to maintain data integrity

  • And more

Whether you've had problems in the past with your inventory control solutions – such as hoarding, theft, inappropriate supply levels, or more – or you're simply looking to upgrade your systems to prevent such issues from occurring in the future, trust the automated inventory systems from CribMaster.

To learn more about automated inventory systems and our other state-of-the-art products, contact CribMaster today.



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