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CribMaster™ Tool Cribs Combine Industrial Vending Machines, RFID Tool Storage, and Powerful Inventory Control Software for Businesses Worldwide

The CribMaster inventory management system provides businesses with a robust tool crib solution that can help them better control all of their indirect materials. Our solution is trusted by businesses throughout a broad range of verticals, including aerospace, power generation, construction, and food processing. Our experienced project management team, in conjunction with your local dealer, can perform a thorough analysis to identify your inventory management needs and customize a system perfectly tailored to provide the proper controls.

Our core inventory management system pairs a variety of industrial tool vending machines, RFID tool drawers, and other storage systems that utilize weight sensing and RFID technologies to track the items they hold. Whether you rely on a single storeroom or decentralized RFID tool vending machines, all your storage systems are linked through CribMaster’s powerful inventory control software. Every transaction is automatically recorded, so you can transparently see how your supplies are utilized. The tool control system also includes features to automate workflow ensuring compliance with your policies. This makes it possible to lower barriers to production with completely passive issues while maintaining positive control over your entire MRO inventory.

The CribMaster Inventory Management System Includes More than Just Tool Tracking

In addition to its ability to control your automated tool crib system, your CribMaster software will include a number of additional features that can enhance your MRO inventory management. You’ll find budget monitoring tools as well as systems that help automatically assign supply costs to user-defined cost centers. It also has extensive purchasing tools to aid in managing your supply chain. Even business intelligence can be easily extracted through the built-in reporting system. By using this combination of features in our tool control software, your business can save as much as 30 percent on indirect materials in the first year.

Since WinWare was acquired by Stanley Black & Decker™, CribMaster has grown to provide a range of additional products that can enhance the capabilities of our inventory management system. We offer a preventive maintenance software module to track repair requirements and our Real-Time Location System (RTLS), which can provide the exact location of your assets anywhere in your facility using active tags monitored over your WiFi network. Our additional physical systems include PROTOid™ RFID-embedded hand tools, Last Point Read (LPR) RFID monitors, and KitMaster™ tool kits.

To learn more about our CribMaster inventory management system and its many benefits, contact us today. We proudly serve businesses around the world.



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